Seminar "Selected Topics in Speech and Audio Signal Processing"


Basic Information
Lecturers: Gerhard Schmidt and group
Semester: Winter term
Language: English or German
Target group: Master students in electrical engineering and computer engineering
Prerequisites: Fundamentals in digital signal processing

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Time: Preliminary meeting per arrangement with individual supervisor
Written report due on 18.02.2022
Final presentations, 23.02.2022 at 9:00 h

Students write a scientific report on a topic closely related to the current research of the DSS group. Potential topics, therefore, deal with digital signal processing related to speech and audio processing.

Students will also present their findings in front of the other participants and the DSS group.


Topics for WS 21/22

Topic title Description
Speaker Separation in Reverberant Environments

Speech enhancement and speech separation are two related tasks, whose main purpose is to extract either one or more target speech signals, respectively, from a mixture of other interfering sources. Speaker separation is a special case of speech separation, in which the mixture signal comprises two or more speakers. The aim of this seminar is to review the most recent signal processing and machine learning techniques applied for speaker separation especially those techniques which address the speaker separation problem in realistic reverberant environments.

Speech Synthesis

Speech synthesis is gaining importance year by year. Meanwhile, there are various applications of speech synthesis in our everyday life, such as the generation of voice announcements at train stations and airports or the support of people with disabilities. Speech synthesis is also part of complex speech dialog systems, such as intelligent household appliances or voicebots. The goal of this seminar is to provide an overview of signal processing techniques for artificial speech synthesis.

Human Sound Source Localization

Due to their binaural hearing capability, humans are able to determine the position of a sound source. The report should outline what mechanisms are used by the human auditory system in the localization process. Furthermore, the report should discuss how the localization behavior can be mimicked by signal processing and pattern recognition techniques.