Currently the DSS group offers eight lectures (five internal and three external ones). Most of them are presented during the normal term times, one external lecture is offered as block course in the summer break.

  Summer term Winter term Bache­­­lor Mas­­­ter Re­marks
Adaptive Filters
(Gerhard Schmidt)
Advanced Digital Signal Pro­cessing
(Gerhard Schmidt)
Design Space Ex­­plo­r­ation for Un­­manned Systems
(Frank Ehlers)
Digital Audio Effects
(Klaus Linhard)
    Block course
Funda­­mentals of Acoustics
(Jan Abshagen)
Pattern Recog­­nition and Machine Learning
(Gerhard Schmidt)
Signals and Systems I
(Gerhard Schmidt)
Signals and Systems II
(Gerhard Schmidt)


Timetable of Current Term

Oct 16, 2023 - Oct 22, 2023

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Currently the DSS group offers two bachelor and three master labs. If you are interested please have a look on the corresponding section on our website.

  Summer term Winter term Bache­lor Mas­ter Re­marks
System Theory Lab
Em­bedded Signal Pro­cessing Lab
Advanced Topics Lab
    Orga­nized by the ICT group.
Communi­cations Lab
    Orga­nized by the LNS group.
Machine Learning Lab
Real-time Signal Pro­cessing Lab



Until now we offer three seminars. All of them are about selected topics in digital signal processing and maschine learning. Further details can be found here.

  Summer term Winter term Bache­lor Mas­ter Re­­­marks
Selected Topics in Speech and Audio Signal Pro­cessing
(Gerhard Schmidt)
Selected Topics in Medical Signal Pro­­cessing
(Gerhard Schmidt)
Selected Topics in Under­water Signal Pro­cessing
(Gerhard Schmidt)



We try to offer always multi-student projects in order to teach also team work. Most of the time our projects are offered within the lecture "Signals and Systems". For information on previous projects please have a look on this section of our website.



If you want to do your bachelor or master thesis with us, please have a look on the corresponding section on our website or come over to the office of Prof. Schmidt and talk with him about possible topics that might fit to your personal needs.