Lab "Communications"


Basic Information
Lecturers: Gerhard Schmidt and Karoline Gussow
Room: tbd
Language: English
Target group: Students in electrical engineering and computer engineering
Prerequisites: For the projects carried out by the institute of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Schmidt, fundamental knowledge of system theory and common sense is required. Attendance of the lecture and exercise of "Advanced Digital Signal Processing" is strongly recommended.
Registration procedure: The registration of the lab is organized by the NT group.
Time: tbd
Contents: A detailied description is given by the NT group. The projects of the DSS group can be found below.



Project 1: Introduction to Matlab

Project 2: LTI-Systems: State Equations and Simulation

  • State-space Descriptions of LTI-Systems
  • Canonical Realizations of Signal-flow Graphs
  • Transformation of State-space Variables
  • Controlability and Observability

Project 7: Correlation, Coherence, and Information Flow

  • Autocorrelation, cross-correlation
  • Coherence
  • Welch's method, power spectral density estimation
  • Causality

Project 8: Signal Sources and Spectral Analysis

  • Spectral Estimation
  • Non-parametric estimation, Periodogram, Corellogram, Blackman-Tuckey, Bartlett
  • Parametric estimation



Link Content
Matlab-files for the projects
Example of an multiple choice test
Project description for project 1
Project description for project 2
Project description for project 7
Project description for project 8



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