The ICIR Corpus - Measurements


Impulse Responses

For the measurement of the impulse responses we are using a very simple yet still reliable setup. As shown in the picture below, the output of the audiointerface is connected to the speaker to play the pink noise example, but it is also connected to channel 2 to measure the reference signal. In addition, the audio interface is connected to a computer via USB so that recordings can be made with the corresponding software. It should be noted that the sound card is not connected directly to the loudspeaker but serves as an input for the amplifier. The hardware proposed or provided by us has the amplifier and chassis in the same housing for more compact handling. The amplifier also needs a power supply (usually 12 volts), which is not shown in the picture below.

The microphone is connected to channel 1 with the audio interface, which in turn provides the phantom power of 48 volts in the case of a condenser microphone.

In our measurements, we hung the loudspeaker over the headrest with cable ties. We clamped the microphone under the sun protection.



Recording the noise is very simple by just connecting the microphone to channel 1 of the audiointerface.



As already mentioned, multi-channel recordings are also possible. However, an audio interface other than the proposed Behringer UMC202HD must be used, as it only has two input channels.