Friday, 04 September 2020 08:00

Config Selector

The config selector lets you choose and set the desired config to load out of a list of available configs. This list is built either based on entries already available in the root config file - including paths that are "commented out" - or based on contents of the default configuration folder "dss_kirat_config". A checkbox allows to toggle between those two modes.

For the second option, a line edit field labeled "Configs directory:" is available, containing the current search path for available configs. This path can either be manipulated by directly editing the line edit or by clicking the "Browse path" button, which opens a directory browser and alters the path upon closing. An edit enables the user to, for example, only show the config of a certain subdirectory. The resulting configs are shown in the list below. In the case of showing only the entries in the root config file, these user interaction possibilities are disabled, since they are not needed. Toggling the checkbox results in altering the list entries.

A click on a list entry loads the path into the line edit labeled "Selected config:" on the bottom end. This line edit is editable, so a user is able to alter the path in his interest, for example to load a config, that not yet exists.

A click on "Update config" scans the root config file for an entry similar to the line edit content. If the path is found, it is uncommented, else it is appended. All other paths are commented out. At the end the whole path list is sorted independent of if they are commented out or not. To increase the efficiency, a double click on a list item also triggers the "Update config" button.

Tuesday, 01 October 2019 08:00

Layout Grid in Developement Mode

If you would like to get some hints when creating signal flow diagrams in KiRAT, it might be helpful to activate a helper grid during the design period (as depicted in the screenshot). To activate this grid set the flag “bDevMode” to “true”. You can find this flag in the file "gui_pc_alg­struct_common_over­view_gui.cpp" within the folder "trunk\­gui\­pc\­algorithmic_structure\­common".

Tuesday, 02 July 2019 08:00

TensorFlow and Linux

Thorben, Kevin, Tobias and Bastian extended our framework and the tools that are supporting it such that one the one hand TensorFlow is supported now and - on the other hand - that KiRAT is now fully functional also with the operating system Linux. The support of TensorFlow is important since it allows to train our models offline with this important tool, but to realize the corresponding estimations and decisions in real-time in KiRAT. Well done, Gentleman.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017 13:00

Animation of the KIRAT GUI

Alexej added some animiation possibilities for the user interface. You can enable this feature by setting the variable "iEnableAnimation" to "true" in the file "gui.ini". Via the parameter "iAnimationDuration" you can control the duration of the animation. The value is the time required for the animation in milliseconds. The video on the right shows you KiRAT without (first third) and with animation (remaining time).

The feature is maybe a bit slow in debug mode but for release mode it works well. When you give demos, please enable this feature (and use release mode of course). 

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