Software Versioning


Our software versioning follows the ma­jor.mi­nor.develop­ment scheme.

  • A change in the major version number usually yields from fundamental changes in the KiRAT source code which rule out downward-compatibility with previous KiRAT versions.
  • The addition of new features and capabilities to the framework is accounted for by incrementing the minor version number.
  • A development version update is then caused by changes which are made in preparation for a minor version update or by changes which improve overall performance.

A more detailed list explaining our versioning scheme can be found in the table below:

Type Properties
  • No downward-compatibility to previous software version
  • Addition of a new functionality (operational)
  • Addition of an entirely new research branch
  • Significant changes in the GUI or software handling
  • Development phase of a new functionality, usually precedes a minor update
  • Improvements relevant to the framework as a whole (but no new functionality)


Version Overview

Version number Date Description
3.5.0 28.07.2020 Updated to Qt version 5.15.X.
3.4.1 11.07.2019 Added underwater evaluation module to measure hydrophone and projector characteristics.
3.4.0 02.07.2019 Updated Intel IPP libraries, added Tensorflow support and revived KiRAT under Linux.
3.3.0 04.06.2019 Changed compiler to Visual Studio 19 (v142) and updated to Qt version 5.12.X.
3.2.0 31.07.2018 Abstract asynchronous IOs added. In addition, a specific application has been added (GPS input stream over TCP-IP). SONAR system location can be shown on a map including several additional information. SONAR PPI plot background can be set to a map.
3.1.0 19.08.2017 Appearance of the graphical overview was modified. Automatic scaling of fonds and widgets according to the screensize was implemented. For larger monitors a new display area that can be filled freely by the user was added.