ITG Conference on Speech Communication | 29.09.2021 - 01.10.2021 | Kiel


City of Kiel



Information about Kiel

Kiel is the capital and the largest city in population of Schleswig-Holstein with ca. 250.000 inhabitants. It is situated at the Baltic Sea and is known as the endpoint of the “Nord-Ostsee-Kanals” which connects the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and is international known as “Kiel Canal”. The city is the place of 3 universities: The “Christian-Albrechts-Universität” (Kiel-University), the Kiel University of Applied Sciences and the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design.

Kiel is known within modern history for the Kiel Mutiny, where German sailors refused to board Navy vessels in protest against Germany's continued fighting in World War I, which led to the abdication of the Kaiser and the formation of the Weimar Republic. Also its current architecture is quite new, because 80% of the city where destroyed in World War 2, because of its strategic role as home of German Navy’s Baltic fleet and as a shipbuilding centre.

Kiel is well known for the international sailing event “Kieler Woche” which takes places every year and is not only an event for sailing, but also a big cultural event in the whole city of Kiel. A number of passenger ferries to Sweden, Norway, Lithuania and other countries operate from here. Moreover, today Port of Kiel is a popular destination for cruise ships touring the Baltic Sea.

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Nearby Sights and Culture

When the weather is good, it is quite easy to find relaxation in Kiel:

  • Just take a walk by the Förde (= fjord) and the city centre. (This is what many locals do on Sundays.)
  • Visit the nearest beach: Falckenstein Beach. (There is an easy bus connection.)
  • Enjoy the beautiful Botanical Gardens in close proximity to the conference venue (10-15 min walking distance).
  • Take a trip to Laboe on the eastern shore of the Förde. There is a ferry connecting Kiel with Laboe, that criss-crosses the Förde and stops at various jetties in Kiel.
  • Visit the Folk Museum Molfsee (German website only). (There is an easy bus connection.)
  • Take a bus trip to Strande (quite easy connection) and a walk by the sea until you reach Bülk Lighthouse.

When the weather is not so good, Kiel offers some nice museums in the city center, for example

Regardless of weather, trips to the nearby cities of

are all worth a day-trip.